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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
You said context is the key. Context is a conditional term. It has everything to do with perception and biases corrupt those perceptions. White Pride is a racial epitaph for some people but not for all. We don't all use the term in the same context, so for someone like Dana (the ultimate hypocrite) to play moral authority here is assanine at best.

I should have NateR change my name to White Pride just to piss you off RNC
I think Dana just gets it .. I don't think Cain is racist because of his brown pride tattoo because I have no historical precedence to believe the term is used by racists .... and if you were to change your name to white pride, that wouldn't bother me either ... I know you are a good man, good Christian and level headed dude (from what I've read on here), so I would know you are just proud
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