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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i don't think cain is racist for having a brown pride tattoo ... if a white person had a white pride tattoo, that is another story ... its all about context and historical references ... for years, white pride has not only meant being proud of being white, but also being superior (go and google white pride and see how many white supremicist groups it is linked to or used by) ... you can't just erase those memories and take it back for something good now, because someone wants to use it in a good way ...... now take brown pride ... as far as i know (and i could be wrong) but i don't remember hearing it being linked to any latino supremacy groups who think they are better than others .... racial terms in my opinion can be used without having a racist connotation to them .. there are fighters that have nicknames "black mamba" "the whitemare", even someone coined a phrase for brock "the vanilla gorilla", i don't remember anyone taking exception to those ...

no one is saying you shouldn't be proud of being white, just use the right terms and there shouldn't be an issue
You said context is the key. Context is a conditional term. It has everything to do with perception and biases corrupt those perceptions. White Pride is a racial epitaph for some people but not for all. We don't all use the term in the same context, so for someone like Dana (the ultimate hypocrite) to play moral authority here is assanine at best.

I should have NateR change my name to White Pride just to piss you off RNC

Please consider England in your prayers!
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