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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Cain's tat just irks me so I have a hard time rooting for him.
Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
I totally agree. If Brock Lesnar had a White Pride tattoo on his chest it would have been "racist", even IF Lesnar is just proud to be white.

I'm proud to be white! That doesn't mean I think being white is better than being black, but I have a God-given right to be proud of my white, European heritage.
Bugs me too.

According to Dana, Cain's "Brown Pride" tattoo is perfectly acceptable, and if you make the argument about "White Pride" and the double standard, you're probably just some "redneck hillbilly".

According to Velasquez's boss, UFC president Dana White, those comparisons are completely unjustified.

He explains the difference(s) to MMA Heat after the UFC 155 pre-fight press conference:

"Completely different. Let me tell you what, if you're saying I should have a tattoo that says 'White Pride,' that tells us where you're at, right off the bat. What 'Brown Pride' means, he's part to be Mexican, he's proud of his heritage. If you're Italian, I grew up, when I lived in Boston you had guys with Italian this, Irish that, you know, everybody had a tattoo on themselves of their ethnic background. There's nothing wrong with Cain Velasquez having a 'Brown Pride' (tattoo). To even make that statement, you're probably some redneck hillbilly out in the middle of the country somewhere and we know where you're at and what you're thinking."
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