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Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez

Round 1:
The referee is Kerry Hatley. Diego races across the cage to meet Melendez, and Melendez circles around. Sanchez catches a kick attempt and dumps Melendez down, then rides his back around the cage. Finally Melendez shucks him, and delivers a couple of parting punches. Good action early. Sanchez, the southpaw, trying to size one up, and Melendez throwing small volume from afar. Sanchez attempts a double leg by Melendez keeps upright on fence, and they break. Back to center. Melendez changing levels, going to the body. Sanchez absorbs a pretty good one, and returns a straight leg kick which nicks Melendez kneecap. Right hand by Melendez gets through, and he catches a Sanchez kick and wheels him around the cage. They separate. Sanchez now bleeding over his eye. Melendez tossing the jab out there. He's clearly getting the better of all these exchanges. Uppercut by Melendez to the body, and Sanchez lands a nice right overhand. Big exchange and it looked like that time Melendez took the brunt of the it, as he peeled away in a fog. To close out the round, they stand toe-to-toe and trade punches. Crazy! Much like Guida/Sanchez. Sanchez was dropped momentarily with a shot. Crazy round.

Round 2:
Right back at it. Melendez now takes the middle of the cage, and Diego orbits. Melendez still setting up the big body shots with the jab, and he continues to tenderize Sanchez's ribs. Melendez with his hips on a swivel. Sanchez rushes forward with an overhand right, but can't land. They end up in a brush fire in the middle, each man clapping the other with a short shot. Great action again.Now Harley stops the action so that the doctor can look at Sanchez's cut eye. Sanchez says he's good, and we're back at it. Good body kick by Melendez, right as Sanchez went into his offensive motion. Melendez then gets Sanchez momentarily leaning on fence, and tees off. Lands a flurry of shots! Bot they back peddle into the middle, and reset. Sanchez slips