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John Dodson vs. Darrell Montague

Round 1:
Jacob Montalvo the referee. And we're underway. Dodson tries to blast Montague early with a left, and catches an inside leg kick that grazes his groin. He winces, but they play on. Montague throwing leg kicks early. Big sweeping leg kicks. Dodson lunges forward with a left showing, but then follows with a right that connects. Both guys in southpaw stance, and both flirting with the unload. Montague very swift with his uppercuts, and lands one in brief exchange. Big left hand by Dodson lands! He goes in for attack, and lands another. Montague immediately coils up into survival mode, but he temporarily stays alive. They are back to center. Dodson now looking to resize up something as big as that left. Crazy chin by Montague to absorb that shot. Amazing. Looks like the cobwebs are cleared enough for Montague to move forward. Dodson comes over the top and lands the left again. And BOOM, he lands one more that drops Montague straight forward onto his belly. One follow up finish later, and it's over. Dodson KOs Montague! Huge speed and power from Dodson there. He put that left on Montague a good many times, at least twice big enough for knockouts.

UFC 166 results: John Dodson def. Darrell Montague via KO at 4:13 of R1.

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