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Tim Boetsch vs. C.B. Dollaway

Round 1:
Referee Kerry Hatley oversees our final prelim. Both men collide on simultaneous leg kicks and Dollaway gets the worst of it. Boetsch lets him up then stalks forward. Dollaway generates some distance with a leg kick. Boetsch continues to stalk and Dollaway just throws up his hands, baiting Boetsch to come inside. Boetsch shoots for a double but can't get it. Dollaway paws out his jab then circles right. Dollaway whiffs on a looping right. Dollaway continues to throw up his hands. Dollaway showing complete disdain for Boetsch right now. Dollaway ties up then unloads inside the clinch. Left hand cracks Boetsch. Dollaway is dominating this fight. Right hand connects for Dollaway. Boetsch unable to generate any significant offense.

Round 2:
Dollaway finds his mark with a series of jabs. Dollaway drops for a single, turns the corner and muscles Boetsch to the mat, moving right into half guard. Boetsch defends a choke and powers to his feet. Dollaway drops for another double but can't get it. Boetsch hunts for a standing guillotine against the fence. After a scramble, Boetsch winds up with Dollaway's back. Dollaway squirms out but Boetsch is relentless. Dollaway connects on a short elbow and circles out. Boetsch cracks Dollaway with a right hand, but Dollaway smiles and shakes his head. Dollaway trips Boetsch to the mat. Boetsch has Dollaway's right arm and is working towards a kimura. Dollaway unloads a few short elbows to Boetsch's back.

Round 3:
Dollaway throws up his hands and calls for Boetsch to engage. Big eyepoke on a straight left. Boetsch screams in pain. Oh dang, that one is bad. We're back, but that one had to effect Boetsch. Boetsch stalks forward and defends a double. Boetsch muscles Dollaway against the cage. Another eyepoke draws huge boos from the crowd. Boetsch isn't happy. Hatley takes away a point after watching the replay. We're back, and Dollaway changes levels for a takedown. Dollaway advances into full mount. Boetsch powers to his feet and the crowd explodes. They're clearly on Boetsch's side after those eyepokes. Dollaway cracks Boetsch with a left. Dollaway connects inside. Boetsch fires back with a hard right hand. Dollaway grimaces and counters. Boetsch closes the distance against the fence, then reverses a takedown and grasps for a d'arce. He almost had it. Dollaway squirms out but Boetsch locks up another attempt. Too late though, as there's the horn.

Tim Boetsch def. C.B. Dollaway via split decision (30-26, 27-29, 30-26)
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