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Sarah Kaufman vs. Jessica Eye

Round 1:
Referee Jacob Montalvo is the third man in the cage. High pace early. Eye winging looping punches. Kaufman fires back with a flurry. Eye catches Kaufman into the clinch and muscles her against the fence. Kaufman escapes with some thai knee. Kaufman pumps his jab. Low kick connects for Eye. Kaufman blasts her with a right. Another exchanges ends with Kaufman against the fence. Kaufman reverses position and unloads. Another clinch with heavy shots from both women. Eye powers Kaufman against the cage. Eye cracks Kaufman with a hard elbow then releases. Kaufman lunges inside and lands a knee. Eye sidesteps a right.

Round 2:
Eye pacing back and forth ready to go. Kaufman rushes inside winging looping punches. Eye blocks a right hook. Kaufman wades inside against and unloads. Eye presses forward and misses. Eye kicks to the body. Big exchange inside. Kaufman shakes off a knee and fires back. Eye with a series of footstomps against the fence. Eye releases, and winds up with her back against the opposite fence. Kaufman is cut under her left eye. Kaufman misses a low kick, then wades forward with a salvo. Another exchange closes out the round.

Round 3:
Huge swell of applause greets both women as we begin the final round. Kaufman ties up and muscles Eye against the fence. Kaufman creates space with the crossface and goes with the right hook. Kaufman releases. Eye cracks Kaufman with a hard right. Another big exchange out of the clinch. Kaufman blocks a kick to the midsection. Eye misses a with flurry. This fight is up for grabs. Kaufman rushes inside and works the body with left hooks. Big elbow from Kaufman. Eye releases and fires off a jab. Huge one-two rocks Eye. Kaufman stalks forward and follows up. Eye is hurt. Eye ties up and leans her weight on Kaufman against the cage. Kaufman with a series of short rights. More rights from Kaufman, big ones. Wild exchange closes this one out. Great fight.

Jessica Eye def. Sarah Kaufman via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
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