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Default UFC 166 *SPOILERS*

Here we go!!!

Dustin Pague vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

Round 1:
Alright folks, Herb Dean is our referee. Let's start this card off right. Horiguchi circles, feints and connects on a leg kick. Pague ties up and takes Horiguchi's back during a scramble. Horiguchi stands. Pague like a backpack, slithers in an arm hunting for a rear-naked. Horiguchi pries Pague's arm away from his neck. Pague is relentless. Horiguchi unlocks Pague's legs and twists free. Horiguchi dives low for a single against the fence. Pague defends and releases to the center of the cage. Pague nearly connects on a big knee. Pague secures a trip takedown and pounds away. Horiguchi wrestles free and ends the round on top.

Round 2:
Horiguchi connects on a huge shot right out of the gate! Pague is floored. Horiguchi pounces and unloads a flurry. Somehow Pague survives, and after a brief scramble, climbs back to his feet. Wow, what a start. Horiguchi closes the distance and muscles Pague back to the mat, landing in half guard. Horiguchi staying busy with short elbows and punches. Pague recovers his guard. Horiguchi stands then dives back inside with a big shot. Horiguchi unleashes another salvo. Dean is taking a close look. Horiguchi stands and blitzes Pague. This one is over.

Kyoji Horiguchi def. Dustin Pague via TKO (punches) at 3:51 of round 2.

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