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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
I believe that everyone's walk with God is/should be personal/private and I don't pretend to be any authority on that. And I don't like to question anyone else's relationship with God. However, if I understood you correctly in an earlier post- you said that sometimes turning to God makes you feel worse, and that is very disheartening to me. I hope you aren't praying to anyone looking for something to make yourself feel better.
Of Course you can pick a live role model...I think most people do. The thing about Saints is that they are supposed to be certified good role models...of course, there is two problems with that...first...whether or not you trust the established church to make such a judgement call...and secondly...the fact that to become a Saint, one is Cannonized...and the Church Cannonize Angelic Host aswell as Human Beings

That was my faux pas...when they asked me who I wanted to have as my patron saint, I thought about the biggest, bestest saint there could be...and that of Course would be Saint Michael, the most powerful and impressive Created Being, with the most important Jobs in the Eternal Realm.

When Athiests talk about the Devil, they say that the Devil is the opposite of GOD...that is false. The Devil is the Opposite of Michael. That in tern means that Michael, alone, is as poweful as Lucifer, even without Christs you think of all the who-ha made over Satan...not a word about Michael though.

They told me I couldnt adopt him because he wasnt Human...and therein lies my issue with the whole Communion of Saints...if you have direct access to Christ, and can aspire to be BETTER then Human...why would you ever consider a Saint at all??

...Just Nathan

You know, the Great Protestant Queen Elizabeth I believed exactly the same thing as you. That each persons relationship should be kept private.

For years I could not go into a church without feeling so sad I was on the verge of tears. When you have the sort of sin that I carry around with me, the Church, and Christ, they remind you of who and what you are. Some would say I am an abomination. Because I recognise that fact...yes, sometimes it makes it worse...because without being a least in this temporal world, there isnt the same level of judgement. There is a constant war going on inside me, between what I want to do, and what He wants me to do, in an area that defines a lot of what I feel, and is really very personal indeed.

The closer the relationship becomes, the more problematic this issue is. Because Sin actively blocks communication within the relationship. I cant hear him, or feel him sometimes because of it. It really is like a physical barrier. I would say that the impact of sin on my relationship is as strong and as palpable as the physical drug I take for anxiety and depression. You sometimes feel sad but can not cry, for example, because the drug keeps you chemically ballenced, when at those times you should be imballenced.

...and sometimes it can be weeks, or months before ground in the relationship is recovered back to where it was, let alone a step forward.
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