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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1) Nathan...everyone needs human role models too...that is my only point. I am not talking about excluding GOD...nor am I talking about the sort of hard time where you just feel a little bit sad. least with a Saint as a Role model, the Established Church aggrees that the life that person had is good and proper.

Can't you pick a live role model?

2) The time is well past on this forum, for you to lecture me on my relationship with GOD...since, of those threads that I have put succinctly on such an issue, you either fail to notice, or actively ignore. You pretty much only respond if you dissagree and think that by that dissagreement you will cause a division, where you are bolstered by those who will aggree with you and afirm you in that way, and where you can enjoy self righteous pomposity against those who dissagree with you...So dont lets be talking about my relationship with the Almighty and how I might be missing any lets not pretend you give a hoot about my actual relationship with Christ...and only really with trying to put me down on a theo-philosophical level.

I only respond if I disagree, also. Although I don't feel any self righteous pomposity. (whatever that is, lol) So do you feel that anyone who disagrees with you just trying to put you down? Or just Nate?

3) Sorry...did I ever say anything opposite to that

4) IMHO...because of GODs power, its unlikley that a True Christian, even a weak Christian, who KNOWS GOD will be able to do that easily. Role Models, and the Divine are two different things...if you cant tell the difference between someone you admire, aspire to be like...and a personal relationship with Christ...

I think that is the point. There is a difference. And God tells you to turn to Him in your time of need. Not your role models.
I believe that everyone's walk with God is/should be personal/private and I don't pretend to be any authority on that. And I don't like to question anyone else's relationship with God. However, if I understood you correctly in an earlier post- you said that sometimes turning to God makes you feel worse, and that is very disheartening to me. I hope you aren't praying to anyone looking for something to make yourself feel better.
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