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[QUOTE=NateR;202202]I didn't say that the first link you provided wasn't reliable, I just pointed out that it wasn't really relevant to the point you were trying to make.

As for the second one, it's an article about a 13-year-old study done by the World Health Organization that the WHO itself doesn't even stand behind. So, why should you or I take any of it as fact?

It's pretty clear that you simply got caught talking out of your ass and had to scramble to find something to support your comment. So you found a couple of links that looked promising and, instead of actually studying the information they gave to see if they really did support your point, you posted them and your plan was to try to make me appear unreasonable and closed-minded because I would rather critically examine the information, instead of taking it at face value.

It seems that you never learned how to debate outside of the internet, because your reasoning skills haven't really matured beyond grade-school level thinking.[/QUOTE]


i stand behind my statement that i made ... look at a list of the healthiest countries in the world and there is a correlation on what type of system they have in place with regards to healthcare ... call it what you want, talking out of my ass or whatever ... if the current system in the US was working, they would be near the top of the list .. i am not saying that ACA is the perfect solution, but a solution is needed ... i think now that people are accountable for their health with regards to paying for insurance, most of them will start to take better care to keep premiums low .. it will take time, because people have bad habits ... but it will happen .. and i think the system will also improve over time ... and in time, it will perhaps be a better than most system .. but we won't know until its been in place for a while ... but until then, i guess i am just talking out my ass!
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