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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
1) When you are going through a hard time then that's when you need to look to GOD most of all.

2) You seem to be missing the entire point of our relationship with GOD.

3) We can never achieve perfection through our own works, that's one of the basic teachings of the Christian faith. It's not about making ourselves good enough for GOD, because that's impossible. It's about understanding that we can't accomplish anything on our own and we need GOD's help every minute of every day.

4) If anyone other than GOD takes on that role in our lives, then that person has become a false god to us, even if that person is a Christian.
1) Nathan...everyone needs human role models too...that is my only point. I am not talking about excluding GOD...nor am I talking about the sort of hard time where you just feel a little bit sad. least with a Saint as a Role model, the Established Church aggrees that the life that person had is good and proper.

2) The time is well past on this forum, for you to lecture me on my relationship with GOD...since, of those threads that I have put succinctly on such an issue, you either fail to notice, or actively ignore. You pretty much only respond if you dissagree and think that by that dissagreement you will cause a division, where you are bolstered by those who will aggree with you and afirm you in that way, and where you can enjoy self righteous pomposity against those who dissagree with you...So dont lets be talking about my relationship with the Almighty and how I might be missing any lets not pretend you give a hoot about my actual relationship with Christ...and only really with trying to put me down on a theo-philosophical level.

3) Sorry...did I ever say anything opposite to that

4) IMHO...because of GODs power, its unlikley that a True Christian, even a weak Christian, who KNOWS GOD will be able to do that easily. Role Models, and the Divine are two different things...if you cant tell the difference between someone you admire, aspire to be like...and a personal relationship with Christ...

The most ironic thing is...that as far as a PERSONAL relationship goes. The moment of revelation happened for me in America, in 2009, in Chicago of all places I was not planning or searching for a spiritual event when it happened Before that point, I think what your saying was easy to happen...that is to say that there are superficial importants which could be the biggest thing in ones life. But deep importants only ever come at moments of spiritual revelation for me, and they change my whole way of being every time.
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