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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1) thats not the point. The idea is more that, quite frankly, when you are going through a hard time, sometimes looking to perfection as your inspiration makes it worse because you know its unachievable. The idea, therefore is that you basically have a good totally fallable, and totally human, but christian person that you can relate to aswell.
When you are going through a hard time then that's when you need to look to GOD most of all.

You seem to be missing the entire point of our relationship with GOD. We can never achieve perfection through our own works, that's one of the basic teachings of the Christian faith. It's not about making ourselves good enough for GOD, because that's impossible. It's about understanding that we can't accomplish anything on our own and we need GOD's help every minute of every day.

If anyone other than GOD takes on that role in our lives, then that person has become a false god to us, even if that person is a Christian.
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