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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
but I know people who ask the faithful departed to pray for them, just like they ask other mortal christians to pray for them. Being that I know, from personal experience that the veil between the temporal realm, and the spiritual realm is so very thin, its not beyond my belief to admit that the Body of Christ, extends, not just to living Christians in body, BUT ALSO living Christians in Spirit.
Your "personal experience" is irrelevant. If you can't support your opinion here with Scripture, then I don't accept any of it. Show me one verse that supports the idea of petitioning dead saints to pray for us.

You could maybe bring up the example of King Saul consulting a medium to contact Samuel from beyond the grave, but that was not portrayed in Scripture as a positive thing at all. It was actually seen as a very grave sin on Saul's part.

In fact, attempting to communicate with the dead is directly prohibited by Scripture. When you pray, you should ONLY be communicating with GOD, there are no other options given in the Bible.
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