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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
No, I believe patron saints are actually a form of idolatry.

There's nothing wrong with learning about the real world struggles that other Christians from the past have had to endure; 1) but when that person replaces Christ in your life and you actually start 2) praying to the saint, then you've stepped outside the boundaries of Christianity and are guilty of worshipping a false god.
1) thats not the point. The idea is more that, quite frankly, when you are going through a hard time, sometimes looking to perfection as your inspiration makes it worse because you know its unachievable. The idea, therefore is that you basically have a good totally fallable, and totally human, but christian person that you can relate to aswell.

2) What do you believe the church is?
Are dead Christians part of the Church aswell?
Are dead Christians in Communion with Christ aswell?
Do you dissaprove of getting other living Christians to pray for you?
Is your asking them to do that, praying to them?

I dont do it personally, because I dont see the need...but I know people who ask the faithful departed to pray for them, just like they ask other mortal christians to pray for them. Being that I know, from personal experience that the veil between the temporal realm, and the spiritual realm is so very thin, its not beyond my belief to admit that the Body of Christ, extends, not just to living Christians in body, BUT ALSO living Christians in Spirit.

If God is free of time, then His Church is the entire lot...every Christian who is, was, and will be.

or do you deny that

As I said before, there are other major flaws with adopting a saint, not covered by you above...but I just wondered if it was a practise of other churches across the world also
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