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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Depending on how the votes go, one party can end up with control of both houses, or each party can end up with control of either the House or Senate which is what we have now.

From what I've been reading, I think Republicans are afraid a Tea Party Republican could break away and run as a third party taking votes away from whoever they put up as their candidate giving the Dems another Presidential win in 2016. With all the public name calling going on between them, I really don't see how this can end well for Republicans.
Niether do I...and yet a Republican Administration is better for a number of reasons. Firstly its more predictable, secondly its more constitutional, and finally, I feel its more cohesive. Liberals are a globulas bunch...whereas the Christian Right is pretty much self explanitary

How does the Tea Party differ from the Republican mainstream Would it be bad if they did break away? Would they have a bad President?

I dont know much about the Tea Party coz I always thought it was just another name for Republicans
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