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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Newt Gingrich
Didnt he actually run for President recently

The problem is, the Federal System doesnt guarentee you get a President of one party, Vs a Congress completely of the other (in terms of majority)

Without this, the whole system gets gridlocked too easily, considering there is more at stake then just the US in this. I think thats what Washington Politicians forget...they are not just messing with the lives of American Citizens...they end up messing with Citizens well beyond their Soverignty because they are a super power and any instability within themselves is magnified across the whole spectrum.

I can give you direct examples of the way that the American Government DIRECTLY effected MY life and living standards...and I am not American and live more then Four Hours time difference from its nearest Realm!

As I have no way period, of influencing the Federal Union...has it EVER been taken into account by Congress just how unjust it is, that they effect my life, when I dont have any control over ellecting them? is that not, by American Standards the deffinition of Tyrany.

Why are they doing this to us? What have we done to deserve being sucked into some kind of Civil War within a Government thousands of miles away? Why dont they care about there allied forces? Why are they so selfish and so self-righteous at the same time?

Maybe this is comupance for all the horrible things we did when we were a Super Power
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