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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I'm about 200% positive that you just made that up. Unless you can post some hard data from multiple, reliable sources, I'm going to have to call BS on your entire post.

As for the remark that Obamacare is going to make Americans stronger... .... I'm just amazed at the lengths you are willing to go to try to rationalize everything Obama does. Especially since you have nothing at stake in this debate. You're a Canadian, why are you so personally invested in an American President?

Your freedoms aren't be eroded, your economy is not being decimated, Obama is not trying to take money out of your pocket to fund programs you find immoral. To you, Obama is just some celebrity that you have a 'boy crush' on, so you have absolutely zero credibility in this debate.
i didn't know you had to have a stake in something to be able to debate .... i am more of a unbiased bystander ... do i think everything obama has done has been a good decision? nope ... do i think the ACA could be improved? sure, just like anything ... but i don't think he is doing it to purposely to bring the US down ... i don't think he is trying to destroy america, i think he genuinely feels the ACA is a needed step in the evolution of the USA ..
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