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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Federal Aviation Administration

I work on software that's used by air traffic controllers to help keep planes from crashing, help reduce delays, save fuel, etc.

If you've ever flown somewhere and didn't crash.... You're welcome.
As part of The Transport Infrastructure, your in an area I deem exceptable to be owned by the Federal Union

Obviously, unless they plan to shut down the air ways, then I'd say that in order to stop planes falling out of the sky, yes, you should be VERY essential

Actually...I HAVE flown in US airspace before. I flew in on an international flight to Philadelphia International Airport, and then an Internal flight to Chicago Airport, and then from Saint Louis Missouri to Chicago internally, and then I flew on an international flight out of Chicago.

I then came back on an international flight to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and an internal flight to Chicago (I like Chicago, but I dont like its airport ) and then off to some tiny little airport in Washington DC...I cant actually remember which one it was without looking ( ) and then did the return journey.

We never crashed once...and were only delayed once by half an hour

Evidently you are rather good at your job

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