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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
the problem is you vote our the dems in the senate and the reps in the house and they basically swap positions and you have the same problem (i am not stating this, i am asking) ...

would a viable third party be the answer? problem is i guess is who would they represent? (which political allegiance)
The problem they have, RNC, is that no one party is actually in power. Its a continual conglomerate that vote.

They separate the President from his Party...So the Government, as a political party doesnt exist, and neither does an Opposition party.

The President is effectively a Third Party himself in that respect.

HE, NOT the Party wins the ellection. Once you separate the President from the Government it becomes clear that no matter who you have as the President, you will always have a mixed bag Congress.

A third actual party would only work, if you kept the same over all numbers, so actively decreased Republicans and Democrats and put in...prefereably, an Odd number of something the hope that those something else would be the deal makers...Republicans always go right, Democrats always go the deciding factor would be how many something else, decide to vote...That of course would infuriate the parties...because they would then have the exact same problem as the President...that the actual decision, can never be made by them...but by this something else party. would you ever ensure this something else party remained in existance? They would have to be which case how would they be appointed or ellected? It would have to be an amendment saying that you Always have to have a certain number of independants in congress, in both houses...and how can that be guarenteed democratically.

if appointed, people will say that the party president who appoints them, has obviously chosen people he know will side with his party...and the only other way to do it, is exactly like the House of Lords...where some random people by birth right are always present...the Americans would never go with that. Not ever.
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