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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
That's exactly my point. No one is forced to become a doctor. However, if a person can only look forward to a lifetime buried under crushing debt with no way out, then what is the incentive to become a doctor?

Yes, people need car insurance to drive in the US, however that's very different compared to what's being required of us here.

For one, I only need to buy enough car insurance to cover damage that I do to someone else's car. That's state minimum coverage. I am not required to buy insurance that covers damage to my car or my own body, in the case of an accident where I am at fault.

Secondly, I only need to purchase car insurance if I want to drive a car. If I decide to walk to work or ride a bike, then I never need to buy insurance.

Obamacare is essentially taxing people just for the privilege of being alive. The penalty for not purchasing health insurance was described as a tax by Obamacare's defenders, which means it's a tax. So the two laws are not even comparable.

The entire point of this law was to fix the problem of skyrocketing healthcare costs and the fact that most people can't afford health insurance. So their solution is to force those same people, who couldn't afford health insurance before, to buy health insurance at a significantly increased cost or face IRS fines and/or jail time? That's simply immoral and you would really have to be an idiot to defend it.

That's like telling a single-mother, who is struggling to keep food on the table, "Oh, we know that you are having trouble affording groceries with your salary, so what's we're going to do is double the price of food and then mandate exactly what food we decide you should be buying for your children. And if you don't buy the food we tell you to buy, at the increased price, then we're going to take your kids away and throw you in prison."
the thing is, is that a very small percentage of the country (you can take any country for that matter) is going to go their whole life never needing medical care .. so most people will need to go ... relying on your employer for insurance is not good enough ... imo, not only is the ACA to make healthcare more affordable for all americans, but it is also going to make Americans healthier, and arguably make the US stronger! ... if you don't have coverage, you will put things off, but with insurance, you will get things checked out, make sure you are healthy ... this will in turn make the population healthier and will probably make people less reliant on other programs ... if you look at a list of countries with the best universal healthcare in the world, and a list with the healthiest countries, i am sure you will find a good chunk in the top 10 of each list are common ...

obama is looking long term at the health of all americans ... in the long run, this will be a benefit to the US
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