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Default Help me understand a "government shutdown"


I do not understand why the Democrats need the Republicans to ratify a budgit.

In England...the party ellected, makes the budgit...and doesnt need to get permission from the opposition...infact...that defeats the object of being in power in the first place...surely?

So can someone explain, why there isnt a Cabinet Treasurer, in the democratic adminstration, who cant, simply make a budgit...and why the Republican shadow Cabinet, does not create its alternative budgit, so the people can choose whether to stick with the democrats...or change the budgit to the republican one at the next general, by ellecting them.

Secondly...what exactly is shutting down??? Ive heard wild rumours that noone in the military is getting paid Soo...your Government think its wise to shut down its military...I mean...EVER???

Someone else told me that all the national parks and monuments are closed...can anyone explain to me, why these national parks and monuments are not controlled by the State Governments that they are located in...Strikes me, that actually, the Federal Governments ideal of a "shut down" isnt a shut down at all...but the relinquishing of services that IT HAS NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BE RUNNING IN THE FIRST PLACE

Thirdly...they tell me that this has happened several times before. Can I ask an obvious question...being that every time this happens it screws your country...why is there no default budgit...or contingency plan for financial running in the event a budgit can not be aggreed on???

Finally...I hope, regardless of where you stand understand that IF your government fails to meet its bills next month, because of this, your Government will be responsible for what is likely to be ANOTHER Global catastrophe in the financial sector.

Do you realize, that your lil Bi-Partisan, anti american, unconstitutional Federal Civil War actually effects people who are NOT American, like me. That whilst we were angry before at what happened due to Americans living beyond there means, Banks being unregulated, and a Government dithering about supporting its financial markets...if this happens again, its very likely that in order to survive and never have this problem again...the Western Financial System will split, and redevelope independantly of America.

You will force Europe towards China, and by so doing you will never be a super power again. Do you understand that?

This is make or break time in Lincolns legacy. Give america back to George Washington before you sink us all
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