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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
It's the honest truth, Dave, I literally can't stand to hear the man's voice or see his face anymore. All that comes out of his mouth are lies. He doesn't want our country to be exceptional or for individuals to strive to be the very best, he wants everybody on the same level. He's doing everything in his power to "reduce" us on the world stage and as individuals. In his mind, everything that has made this country great is all wrong. I agree with Mike who said, "Worst president ever"!
He is way to Centrist for the American Constitution it is true. The Democratic party as a whole are almost centrist now..But I think your wrong about one thing. I dont think that Obama did this care act to provide for the wellbeing of millions, like a Socialist.

I think the real reason he did the same reason the Supreme Court made the false rulling that it was constitutional. This is, as ever, not about the people, or spreading of wealth period. This is about providing an extra source of income for an illegal Union. THATS what this is about.

IMHO Obama is a Centrist Capitalist out for the Unions benefit...whilst pretending to be a people loving socialist.

The Union is acting like a Rogue Company. Telling its workers its making changes that will benefit them...when actually, the only benefit from the changes, will be to the companies profits.

These are hard times...and this is nothing short of a stealth tax.
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