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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Here's an interesting article about the student loan debt that most doctors end up with:

A key quote for those people thinking that doctors are only concerned about affording their second summer home:

So it takes them 25-30 years to pay back all of their student loan debt under the current system. If doctors are going to start getting reduced wages because of Obamacare, then they could be looking at being buried in student loan debt for their entire life. So, what's the incentive to becoming a doctor under this new plan? The medical profession would essentially become a new form of slavery.
doctors aren't the only people coming out of college with loans .. and like anything else, no one is forcing them to become doctors ... like i said, years of colluding to make the price of medical treatments high is the problem (as it was pointed out, this is also the problem of the insurance companies) ... people need insurance to drive, so they have to pay the price for whatever is out there .. people need medical treatment, same thing ...
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