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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
Since I work in an office and know how it works I can tell you that the amount charged by the docs for services has WAY more to do with the insurance companies than with the docs trying to make money. Yes, the docs want to live well but let's face it....they worked hard to get where they are and a lot of them have heavy school loan debt. We have to have some sort of insurance reform but Obamacare is not the way to go. It's going to drive prices higher, starting next month. This isn't about doctors trying to fleece their patients.

Exactly. You have to be highly motivated to accomplish that. And when you take away the money factor then what will push the people to want to be doctors. Eventually, they will have to dumb down the program and lower the standards. Making it cheaper and easier to be a doctor will be the only way to entice people to want to do it.

Then the rich here can travel to another country for a good doctor the way that rich Canadians now travel here for the best care.
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