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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I don't want to listen to him anymore. Besides, it's been reported this speech is just a repeat of his speech from '08 or '09.

But I do agree with you that he doesn't have a clue; after five years, he still believes he can negotiate with terrorists and terrorist nations like Iran. The Iranians wouldn't even do a photo op shaking hands with Obama. Maybe spitting in the eye or a knife in the back is more their idea of getting this diplomacy started?

Looking at what has happened, and what is about to happen to our country, as well as what's taken place across the Middle East since Obama has been President and Commander in Chief, I'm reminded of that saying, "Who needs enemies..."
because the middle east has always been a peaceful place to be and just became violent during obama's tenure ??? ... no one has a crystal ball, so we can never look into the future, but if you honestly think that voting in mitt romney as president would actually have been better for the US or the world, i don't think i would agree ... i am not saying that i think obama has done the best, i just think he is doing much better than what mitt would have done ..
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