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Default Ultimate Fighter Recap (season whatever, episode 4ish)

Meisha picked Roxanne the nerd girl to fight Jessica the boxing chick so they're the focus of much of the episode.

The boxing chick had a horrible stepdad who eventually killed her mom so she learned to box and became a world champion. She's 36, has a kid and cries a lot. Maybe pre-menopausal or something.

The nerd girl learned to fight by watching Power Rangers and DragonballZ. Then eventually became pretty good at jiu jitsu. Everybody loves nerd girl. She's a happy warrior who yells out things in some made-up language she calls Japanese. Then she makes a man out of toilet paper rolls and references Star Trek or Star Wars or some other nerdy things throughout the episode.

Rhonda's striking coach wants to fight everybody, until they're actually willing to fight back. Then he says he doesn't want to get kicked off the show. Sissy!

Daisy Duke says that boxing chick has the best hands in the house, including the guys. She's wrong.

Juliana gives nerd girl a love letter. Nerd girl cries.

The fight starts and boxing chick is easier to take down than a throwing dummy. She basically fell down while moving backwards and nerd girl spent most of the round trying to submit her.

Second round, boxing chick moves a little better and uses some takedown defense. Nerd girl strikes as if she learned it by watching Power Rangers and DragonballZ. She finally gets a takedown but boxing chick ends up on top.

Boxing chick picks nerd girl up about 2 feet, then drops her and knocks her silly. Nerd girl sits up with a goofy look on her face and boxing chick knocks it off for her. Nerd girl lays down and appears to verbally tap so the next time boxing chick hits her, the ref stops it.

Everybody cries.

Shayna Baszley invites nerd girl to join her "Fight Veterans Who Lost" club.

Rhonda picks two dudes to fight next.

The End.
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