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Default Jon Jones turns down rematch with Gustafsson, goes with Glover Teixeira instead

From (by Zeus):
If any of you were clamoring at a Jones vs. Gustafsson rematch after last weekend's UFC 165, then you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer. This morning it was announced that Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira will go down Superbowl weekend, instead of the highly anticipated rematch between Jones and Gustafsson. In a statement to, Dana White made it clear that Jon Jones wanted the fight with Teixeira over Gustafsson.
That's what the champ wants. We'll probably have that fight on the Super Bowl card in New Jersey.
Well, it's nice to know that Jon Jones has an incredibly amount of control in his UFC career -- Joe Silva seems to just be a sidekick at this point. Here's another statement Jon Jones made to UFC regarding his upcoming fight with Glover Teixeira.
I'm going to fight Glover and I will answer all the critics about the Gustafsson fight. I will fight Gustafsson after I fight Glover. I won the fight but I look at it as a blemish on my record because some people think I didn't. I promise you, he will be next.
So we still get a Gustafsson rematch, but just not an instant rematch. Of course the question is, if Glover beats Jones -- will Jones want an instant rematch with Glover or will he keep his word and fight Alexander Gustafsson in a non-title match?
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