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Default The Top Ten Greatest UFC Crowd Brawls in History

I'm not putting this in the UFC or MMA sections because it's just...not.

From (by Zeus):
Sometimes when an amazing card at an equally amazing venue is just not enough, fans will resort to replicating their own MMA matches at their earliest convenience. Fortunately for all of you Street MMA enthusiasts, these bouts are being caught on camera. Massive thumbs up to technology and its ability to remove all elements of privacy from our lives. It's great to have every moment documented for the rest of eternity. It's as if we are all granted eternal life, and it's partially due to YouTube.

For some reason we find that most UFC brawls happen in odd-numbered UFC events. It's a phenomena that's better left to be unexplained. After culling through the vast reaches of the internet we've located the the top ten greatest UFC crowd brawls in history, and we even made a list of them. Enjoy.

It only took fifteen years for Liu Kang's infamous bicycle kick to appear in MMA, and it just so happened that it went down while a fan was on his back outside of the Octagon. This incident happened at UFC 101 in Philly, an event that actually spawned more crowd brawls than we could track of.

Sometimes if you lack the ability to strike effectively, if you just touch your opponent enough times he/she may get the point and leave you alone. If there was something that represented the exact opposite of 'K-1 level striking,' this would undoubtedly be it. We've never seen an attacker be subdued this effortlessly in UFC crowd brawl history.

If you're going to go on the offense, be sure to either pull up your pants or wear a belt. No one deserves to serve as a witness to your butt crack -- and everything else that comes included with it. We're pretty sure it's astronomically humiliating to get beat up by a guy that is incapable of wearing pants. Bummer -- literally.

Another UFC event in Canada, another wild and unnecessary crowd fight. This one happened in Vancouver and it seemed to involve four people, all of which were being instructed by the crowd. Note to other people that document UFC crowd brawls: don't be afraid to fire up your handy video editing software and make sure the brightness is acceptable for the average human being that doesn't have mutant powers of super sight.

AXS TV's Michael Schiavello and I actually attend this event in Dallas, Texas and I distinctly remember being on the floor, looking up in the stands as it happened. Some people call it a sucker punch, I just call it one well-placed jab that knocked a guy out with one hit. Check it out.

Here's another angle, clean shot or was it sneaky? You decide.

Philly fans, the only guys that would