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Default US Presidents Fascinating speech to United Nations

Some of you would do well to listen to the first few moments, where Obama actually does quite a good job of explaining what the United Nations is and how it came about.

His comments are interesting in light of his second topic being the economic crisis, which he apparently perceives to be over, albiet, fragile.

His next comments about the US and its mission to end a decade of War, might fool some into thinking that he's making the US out to be a peace maker, when in reality, all he is trying to do is reverse the policy of the previous Republican administration, who were not particularly peace makers, although, fairly ballenced in light of the shock they got...and to just declaire peace in iraq and afghanistan, shows a lack of understanding about, why, even if you dissagree with the premise of the wars, it might be important, once in, to stay in until the job is done.

Four moments in and Obama has said nothing about Syria

It cuts out at that point coz I think the speech might still be actually going on
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