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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Well, Ronda went to get something from the bar, & Meisha apparently felt that Ronda was standing too close to Bryan Caraway, so she started puffing up & demanding Ronda move. Ronda didn't, so Meisha started trying to squeeze herself between Ronda & Bryan. The whole time, Bryan's trying to tell Meisha to chill out & leave it alone, then somebody says something about the fight, Ronda says she'll punch Meisha in the mouth, Meisha says Ronda doesn't even know how to hit pads, the Ronda calls over Edward (her striking coach), who is apparently still super-pissed at Bryan over the "punch Ronda's teeth down her throat" tweet from last year, and he starts promising to see Bryan "when the cameras aren't around", etc., etc., etc.

No one came off looking good, but Edward came off looking the kookiest, IMO.
so just fast forward to the fight .. gotcha! ..

thats all i really do anyway ...
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