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The first day of the MiddlEasy Boards striking the same night that Grand Theft Auto V officially comes out. I think there's some loose correlation there, or it could just be my inability to let two things be mutually independent.

Since we're a day late with the MiddleEasy Sunday Morning Rumor Mill and you guys have been pretty exceptional at helping us beta test the new MiddleEasy Boards (MEBs!), I thought I would forgo publishing it on MiddleEasy and instead place it directly here.

This is the equivalent of a band playing an intimate performance on MTV's Unplugged. This is the acoustic version of the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. Enjoy.

  • Bellator's 'Fight Master' show was renewed for a second season despite reports that it was effectively canned by Spike TV.
  • In the second season of Fight Master, expect to see an even greater partnership with ESPN that will somehow translate onto the show.
  • UFC accidentally uploaded the 'UFC 165: It's So Big' promo on UFC's official YouTube page instead of their 'FreeFights4You' account.
  • Josh Thomson was told to be prepared to step in for TJ Grant as early as Friday night (September 13th).
  • Bellator was told to accept former UFC fighters per the instructions of Viacom, no Bjorn Rebney. Viacom believes that bringing more recognizable athletes into the Bellator cage will increase ratings -- which seems to be pretty logical.
  • Now this rumor may be tough to believe, but it's rooted from a pretty reliable source. M-1 Global has been trying entice Fedor to return to MMA inside the Bellator cage. Spike TV/Viacom is down for the idea, but Fedor literally wants nothing to do with fighting anymore.
  • M-1 Global also wants to include some up-and-coming Russian heavyweight and light heavyweights in the Bellator cage, in an attempt to 'fill' those divisions.
  • I've been told that KSW and ONE FC will strike a fighter exchange partnership in late 2013, but most likely at the beginning of 2014.

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