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Not meaning to be funny...but how is this going to work...I mean a film on Evan Tanners last hours of life...the director cant possibly know what Tanner was doing in the wilderness...probably not exactly how he died...I mean, did he fall and die of his injuries...was he attacked by wilderness wildlife...did he starve to death, or die of thirst...and why? why could he get home, what made him get lost and go the wrong way, or not be able to retrace his steps.

There are two many unanswered questions about the exact manner of his death and the few hours before it...that really, this will end up a work of fiction.

As with many poets and philosophers...eventually, they inevitably go mad and meet grisly ends. I find it so bizzare that a nation, and a world that dont even believe in an afterlife...can show so much religious zeal towards the musings of an average fighter, a relatively forgotten title holder, and probably somebody who consumed more prohibited substances then most of them that do. They have so much trouble believing the power of GOD...but magic, human magic, well thats just totally and utterly believable.

Its like the topic of only ever get sworne athiests talking about poltergeists and the likes...I find it...very backwards indeed
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