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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
Obama letting Russia handle the conflict in Syria is just more proof that the USA has lost it's status as a world leader.
that is NOT Obamas fault...that is COMPLETELY Kerrys fault.

Barack Obama didnt want to consult the people, but David Cameron forced him to

Barack Obama didnt want a diplomatic solution, but Kerry forced him to.

As long as Syria plays ball with Russia, the US and the Washington administration are going to be humiliated as stupidly saying things they dont mean, not communicating between cabinet members...and being held accountable for what they say...which hasnt been the case since prior to the bombing of pearl harbour.

You bet that Barack Obama wants nothing to do with this whole thing anymore, I bet he wishes it would all just vanish...and the Russians are truely loving this...if Assad gives them ANY chemical weapons, that would be the icing on the bet the first thing they will do is say liken their diplomatic solution, to the one that America failed to get with will be all "well, if we, the russians, were dealing with Iraq, we wouldnt have needed to invade, coz we would just have talked Saddam into giving us the weapons...just like we've just done with Assad...arent we great...and arent they stupid" you just wait for it.
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