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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
So Brown Pride is just fine but White Pride is racist and unacceptable.

Seems about right for today's America.

(For the record, I'm not advocating "White Pride". I'm saying it shouldn't be a double standard. Anything that's based on race or color is racist, no matter what the content.)
Yes...Its socially acceptable to be Extreme right in the sence of being a minority and holding that view. Brinsa, has no racist Tattoos. infact, he has Vale Tudo written on his back....thats not ethnic German is it!! So his only obvious tattoo is multicultural.

Its also socially acceptable to be Extreme Left and any colour. Communists are welcome to fight, infact, they are some of the most impressive fighters in the world. Think of the Russian, and Arabian, and Balkan guys who had, and are very impressive indeed, from Fedor and Mirko, right down to Siyar and Khabib....

But it is NOT alright to be a White Supremicist, it is NOT alright to be alligned with them, to be associated with them, or to have them as friends who may turn up if you were to be fighting. Its culturally unacceptable in the US...but the Germans would probably ban MMA altogether if the UFC hosted a card with a Neo Nazi on it within their Geographic Soverignty.

The mistake that Brinsa has made, is that he IS to close to Scenario Lok. He may think of that as mere football hooliganism...but those members are a brotherhood of neo-fascists all across Europe...and whether he only likes the football or not...its the stigma.

Its unfair on Brinsa...but also totally understandable action from the UFC...and its real hypocrasy when you regard other racists, or political extremists who can compete.
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