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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN1 View Post
This is probably for the Christianity section, but there are some bible scholars who believe that this current relationship between Russia and the Arab countries could be the beginning fulfillment of the Gog and Magog War which is spoke of in the book of Ezekiel.
I have just finished readinG ezekiel in my daily bible study

For those of you who are unfamilair with Ezekiel, it is one of my favourite old testment texts. It follows what happens when the Jews are so naughty that GOD decides to have the mighty Babylon come and squash them so badly, the Original Temple of the Jews is left in Ruins at Jerusalem, and as with many Empires of that day...when you conqured a land, you displaced the people back to your hub. So the Jewish nation was taken away from the promised land.

Nebuchanezza who was the King in Babylon at the time, he warmed to the Jews eventually...and towards the end of his reign...and I think into his Successor who I think could have been Cyrus, the Jews were slowly allowed to return in dribs and drabs, so they were back in the promised land when Babylon itself fell.

There are three distinct parts to the Oracle. The first is how GOD felt about what had happened, and for this visual demonstrations of symbolism were required for the poor prophet to do infront of the populus. During this time, GOD can be heard wrestling in words with the fact that he longs for an amicable relationship with Israel, where he is their GOD, and they are His People on the one hand...with the truth that they are a rebellious house, that go whoring after native idols on the other. The second part of the book deals with Prophecy which could be completed, or might yet still be to come, depending on if you view it as separate, or if you tie it into the third component of the Book.

The final component of the book involves an act of vision, Where Ezekiel is transported through time to the End Times in Jerusalem, and gets to see the Millenial Temple. Which is the version of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, during the time when Christ has his Millenial Reign, and from where he Judges the Nations...and possibly where final judgement takes place. They dynamics, Schematics, and the people who can enter and leave by which gate. The Highest authority in the land appears to be "The Prince" indicating, that the Throne may be occupied by Christ The King.

Gog and Magog are used in two very different contexts in the Bible. but needless to say they are two closely linked Places, or closely linked friend. Some say infact sons of each other, that is to say that Gog creates, or is followed by in some way Magog.

Ma-Gog, would therefore be the reference "from, or of, Gog" They characterize the Earthly influenced enemies of GOD. Therefore, Gog could be the place of the Ruller Magog, who may be Lucifer during the Tribulation.

But in Ezekiel, Gog and Magog, are also represented as places, because they are mention in their proximity to other names of places which we know existed at the time. The difficulty is that names change. but the most implicated place is Babylonia, Assyria, Persia, and Turkey believe it or not. Now Assyria is probably meant to be the entire bulkan region as well, Israel is probably meant to cover everything from Egypt to Saudi, and maybe up as far as modern day Syria. Turkey probably can be extended to everything between Italy, and maybe as far inland as Pakistan. Babylonia is Iran, Iraq, Kuwiat, and everything within the Tigris and Euphraties basin. Persia is one step further out and may include some of northern India, and some of the Eastern Block Russian states.

Cush is also mentioned, and that could be the African Areas boardering the Red Sea below Egypt, so you're looking at Nubia, Sudan, Ethiopia, possibly as far as Kenya

One final name arrises in those related to Gog and Magog which is really interesting considering the spark that kicked off the Arab Revolution. A place known as Put. Put is North Africa, WEST of Egypt. Thats fascinating, because along north Africa you have Morroco, Tunisia and Libya

That would be full coverage of the arab world today inhabited by the Islamic Faith, disregarding central Europes slow conversion. Ezekiel hints at one other issue. According to him, Gog and Magog are enemies of GOD which are from the North. Now bear in mind when he receives his vision, he is NOT in Israel. Therefore, when we think has to be somewhere NORTH of the main arabian could therefore be anything North East of Turkey.

That would of course implicate Russia and China unless you want to claim the Baltic States harbour the anti-christ which I would find hard to believe must also note, that Germany is north East of Turkey along with the whole of the European Union, and Europe which has been decimated by two world wars in the last century, one effectively aimed at irradicating the Jewish is possible, that Gog and Magog could have been a reference to the Germanic Wars...understanding Adolf Hitler, the second world war was a direct consequence of the first...Magog, from Gog.

But who knows.

The only thing we do know is that the End Times cant reach a conclusion just one has built a Temple to the correct Ezekielian Specifications.
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