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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
So Brown Pride is just fine but White Pride is racist and unacceptable.

Seems about right for today's America.

(For the record, I'm not advocating "White Pride". I'm saying it shouldn't be a double standard. Anything that's based on race or color is racist, no matter what the content.)
not really a double standard .... white pride is closely tied to white supremacy, which is obviously a negative connotation ... its not like you can just take back the meaning ... if you do a google search of white pride or organizations that talk about being proud to be white, they are also almost always talking about white supremacy as well ... so guess who is to blame for that? and don't say the media

as for brown pride, you can't associate that with brown supremacy groups, or groups that promote hatred towards other groups ... so they are totally different things ...
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