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Maybe a little off topic, but after rechecking this page I went and googled the prefix "Neo" because I simply didn't know a definition for it. Apparently Neo is just a prefix coming from the Greek word neos meaning young. It's probably used more in the context of new rather than young. Now by definition, I may change my stance on the term "neoconservative". Because it has such negative connotations attached to it, I will not label myself as such. But by definition do I feel like I would fall under the banner of new conservative? Why yes I do. I feel like I do side with the new conservative movements of the libertarians and the tea party. I think instead of the actual definition of the prefix, because of the term neo-Nazis, people see Neo and instead of new or young, they think extreme. That's a shame. Now that I understand what it means, I don't take such issue with it but I can't use it because people will think I'm a fascist, extremist, and a racist and Im certainly none of the 3.

Back on topic; too bad for this guy if he really wasn't aligned with horrible people. But with the UFC being on FOX and having so much main stream success, they can't afford the negative publicity which would hurt that momentum in becoming a "legitimate" sport. If he really is just a decent human being guilty by association, he's just a career casualty of the machine.
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