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The UFC have unceremoniously dumped Benjamin Brinsa so it would seem.

Dana White said he was investigating the claims and if found true he would be cut. Now the UFC havent directly come and called him a Nazi...but they have cut him...which presumably by default mean they think he is.

I did my own investigation. I certainly believe that he associates with Nazi people, but I personally dont believe he, himself, is one. His base camp would seem to have ties with people...but in his defence, you look at all the people at the camp, he is the only one who seems to participate in tournements and MMA outside germany, and outside his immediate ethnic background, he's the only guy who appears to travel and train at other gyms as well.

The issue for the UFC is understandable. If they buy Brinsa...they also buy his friends and support network, who are likely to turn up to any fights he partakes in. this is such a sensative issue on the continent, that even being seen with, or associated with, those types of people will push people to give you a wide birth.

So I believe he is a sound individual, but one who has dodgy friends.

I have to say though, that it does raise an interesting premise. The UFC are obviously discriminating on political bias. Now whilst you may think thats fine to do so against a far right racist...let us not forget, that there are far right individuals already in the UFC...and let us not also forget the UFC clamoured to get a hold of a Russian now in the Communist Government.

At some point, I think the UFC will have to allow these radicals entry, and simply bar them from mentioning anything political...because it does kinda beg the question...what does it matter who believes what, in an organisation that promotes hand to hand combat...?
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