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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
putin is a snake ... we'll see if syria complies in a timely manner ...
Putin is lots of things...but he IS NOT a dumbass...and the American Administration ought to make note of what happened here. The Russians play games, and they are running circles around Washington...they were exceptionally fast to exploit what happened with the US Secretary of State...and they HAVE succeeded already in delaying the US Congressional Vote...and in essence the only people to blame for this are the US Cabinet...Barack Obama makes a silly throw away comment...and now Kerry does exactly the same...let it be known that The Russians have been doing this sort of thing consistantly for decades, with many different cultures.

There many tactic is to try and completely embariss their opponents, humiliate them. That is what they have done to the US President, exploited the fact his own cabinet cant toe his party line, this is now Kerry as President, you understand...wherever this goes, its due to Kerry and Putin and Assad...Not Barack Obama They tried to do it with England after the Commons vote...when Putin then went and said that we were just a little island that noone ever listens to...but he is not out to get us...and that commons vote is the direct cause of Barack Obama going to congress.

Far from "no influence" the British Parliament influenced Washington Congress in one of the most radical ways since world war two. We caused a Rogue American President, to follow our lead and example, by following his own democratic process.

He knew that with Englands Prime Minister being put in check, AND respecting the will of the people, that if he did not...he would be called Tyranical and undemocratic. The American people have the Britons to thank for the fact that Congress (supposedly, them) are now going to have the final say.

So, to say we have no influence is wrong...we proved our influence, and maybe for the first time since Maggie Thatcher...we actually HAD an influence that swayed a super power.

We remain, of course, just an Island

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