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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
It's not domestic violence because she's separated from him & had changed her address, meaning that was no longer her domicile & therefore it can't be domestic violence. Also, she later admitted that she never saw a gun & the police on the scene said he didn't have a gun on him & that no gun was found at the house, either.

That being said, there was pushing & shoving, but that's (unfortunately) to be expected from many a divorce situation & isn't unique to Zimmerman.
I think the shoving was between Zimmerman and his father-in-law. Supposedly the wife and her father showed up at the house and weren't supposed to be there. Also, on the 911 tape they were playing, you hear her father tell her that there is a woman in the house. This might be a case of jealous vindictiveness on the wife's part. The police are supposed to be looking at her damaged iPad to see if there is any video showing what happened.

You'd think this woman would have learned her lesson about lying after she lied to the court about their finances.

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