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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Not exactly True...the Russians are successfully attempting to undermine Barack Obama by causing a rift in the Washington Administration, to proove how stupid they are.

The Foreign Secretary of the United States said a very silly remark...without runs in that administration...and the Russians are calling them on their word, knowing full well that Kerry didnt mean what he said officially.

Kerry said that if Assad were to give up all his chemical weapons, the US would not attack Syria. The Russians said..."Okay then"

With the State of the US Economy, and the depletion of its troops thanks to Afghanistan and Iraq, the US would not be in a good position if Russia moved against them in the Med. Especially if it had the backing of the Chinese, which it almost certainly would have.

Europe is in a financial crisis, thanks, also, to the Americans and the fact that whilst they choose to ignore the consitution on everything else...they decided to grant the bankers complete freedom and privacy to mess everything up for the developed world Dont expect Mrs Merkel or the Fourth Reich to aid the US...and now the England has Succeeded from the Union, I wouldnt imagine our position to have changed...Cameron is a year and a half from re-ellection without a coillision.

America is on her own...and no man is an island...not even America...
putin is a snake ... we'll see if syria complies in a timely manner ...
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