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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
I know it's because it was the first episode, but way too much time was spent on fighter's families & back stories...yeah we get it, seems half of you are here because you have families to feed, the other half fight because of various issues stemming from childhood, etc.

It might be do to with editing, but Rhonda's coming off as a bit of a self centered *itch.
Yeah, there's a lot of rumors going around that this season is going to cause a double-turn (ie. Ronda becomes the bad guy & Miesha becomes the good guy).

As for Ronda's reaction when Meisha shows up, Ronda thought Dana was using Meisha to replaced her (not Cat) & that's why she got pissed. Apparently Ronda now has a "Hollywood lawyer" (Dana's words), who called making some "bull$h!t" demands & Dana got rather heated about it. Guess Ronda felt like Dana might get a little vindictive about it.
Anyone notice how I spelled Tate's name both ways 'cause I couldn't remember how to spell it?
Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Yeah, I was fast-forwarding the family crap. I don't know them and don't care at all about their family situation. I just want to see the fights. Spend less time on family crap and more time on fights.
Unless we're talking about the family of Cody Bollinger, right?
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