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Default Any Mega Man fans here?

This is an AWESOME kickstarter. The creator of the Mega Man franchise, Keiji Inafune, has parted ways with Capcom, but wants to return Mega Man to its roots. Obviously, he no longer has the rights to his creation, but he does have a new new character, Mighty No. 9, who just so happens to be a robot who must battle his 8 robot brothers who have turned evil & want to take over the world! Sound familiar?

Our hero:

Mighty No. 2:

Mighty No. 6:

Their donation window opened on Saturday with a goal of $900k to create the game for the PC. 6 days later and they're currently at $1,629,366! This means they've smashed through 3 of their 5 stated stretch goals:

At this rate, they might end up funding a friggin' franchise! Seriously, though, go check out the website. They've got a ton of really cool info on there, including concept art, videos, bios, etc. I'm pretty stoked for this!
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