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Felipe Arantes vs. Kevin Souza

Round 1:
Both fighters open orthodox. Souza potshotting from the outside, but he's moving and keeping Arantes covered up. Nice jab from Souza is keeping Arantes at bay. Arantes manages to get Souza to the floor. Arantes tried to pass and does to mounted crucifix and score an Americana, but can't get it. He ends the round in mount.

Round 2:
Arantes eats a few jabs for a minute, but is in on a single and pressing Souza into the fence. It won't work and Arantes backs off. Souza is potshotting from the outside and Arantes is clearly frustrated with the sizable reach of Souza. Souza is pressing Arantes around the cage. He's not landing anything significant, but Arantes has no answer for him.

Round 3:
Arantes trying to press the action to keep Souza backing up, but the jab from Souza is still pumping. A pair of right hands from Souza back Arantes up and Soiza starting to pour on the combinations. Arantes in on a double and now a single against the fence and finally gets it with a trip. Arantes with some ok shots on top until Souza is able to stand and whizzer for balance. Arantes scores a low single and it works after hustling for it. Arantes landed some knees to the body as well as some punches.

Kevin Souza def. Felipe Arantes via split decision (29-28 Souza, 29-28 Arantes, 29-28 Souza)
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