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Default Sean Sherk retires

Now that the muzzle can come off, and Sean Sherk is retiring from the sport heís been a part of since very close to its inception, he can explain some things. Things like why he turned into a boxer circa UFC 84 after being a grinding pestle for all those years before.

And, maybe more important, what took so long for the former UFC lightweight champion, who last fought at UFC 119 three years ago, to hang up the gloves?

"Well, itís a hard decision to make," he told MMA Fighting after announcing his retirement in a statement through his Training Mask brand. "Iíve been a part of this industry almost since the beginning, and I wrestled competitively since I was seven years old. So weíre talking 25 years of competition, probably longer than that - walking away from something you love isnít easy to do.

"I just think it was time for the door to be closed, time for me to move on with some different things. I know the injuries arenít going away, theyíre not going anywhere and theyíre not getting any better. It was just time for some closure."

The culprit behind everything are Sherkís hips. While training for his UFC 84 fight with B.J. Penn, he says he injured his hips and was never right again. That fight, on the heals of being stripped of his lightweight belt for testing positive for steroids after defeating Hermes Franca at UFC 73, saw Sherk undergo a shift in fight night philosophy.

Suddenly, the cardio juggernaut went from a relentless dictator of wills to becoming a vague boxer who was all too happy to stand and trade. The question that he was asked a million times since has been, "why did you stop shooting?"

"Now that Iím retiring I can tell the truth," he says. "I know itís always been one of the top questions. Obviously I couldnít say anything because otherwise opponents would pinpoint that stuff, but I had