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Wow. Are there any adults in the room? It sounds to me like Ryan is the one caught between a rock and a hard place, and will ultimately pay the price.

On the one hand, Spira, Randy and Xtreme Couture are wrong to run this ad numerous times stating Ryan is their fighter. It's just poking Dana and the UFC in the eye.

OTOH, Dana is being petty and mean-spirited to not let Ryan wear his team's logo and esp. to keep his dad out of his corner.

Makes me wonder how either side achieved their particular levels of success. Grow up, guys - you aren't helping Ryan.

The ironic thing is...Ryan lost his fight so all this nonsense may just ensure that Dana will cut him. Dumb move for Xtreme Couture and Dana is Dana - he's not going to change. His word means nothing (promising Pat Miletich the coaching job for TUF, saying women would never fight in the UFC, to name two examples), and he is a nasty, vindictive guy.
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