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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Speaking of looking bad, first, the President threw out that "red line" comment last year without any thought, and obviously with no afterthought to prepare to back it up, then he talks as if he will definitely be taking action, all the while announcing what he's planning--"limited and narrow", "shot over the bow"--but now he's willing to wait to get Congress' approval AFTER they return from their break. He's leaving Tuesday to go to Sweden and then on to Russia and Congress doesn't get back 'til Sept 9.

Is Obama hoping Congress will say, "No", so he has a way out of this?

Wowser...He is waiting for Congress...I expect he absolutely IS hoping they say no. He's had a change of heart...because David Cameron RECALLED PARLIAMENT FOR THE VOTE.

IF Obama really wanted to do this he would have done one of two things. Done it alone. OR Recalled Congress for an immediate vote. The fact that he didnt act first is primarily because he assumed he would have the backing of the international community, and therefore it wouldnt matter...if everyone was behind him, then Congress, sooner or later, just like the UN did in iraq, AFTER the invasion...they give post dated approval.

When the UK said NO...and only the French said yes...and Russia started moving...I think he hesitated because he realized that, if the majority of the International Community dont want it...that changes things...suddenly, not least, financially and fatality...HE is bearing the brunt alone...if Congress dont back date it with affirmation he suddenly done something very bad indeed.

Now...he tries to play it do a recall would look bad coz he didnt do it soon now he just plays it cool...and either way it works out for him. If Congress say YES...then it looks like he's done his job properly...and they can share the blame if it goes tits up...if they say NO...then as a respector of democrasy he will appologise for his promise, knowing full well, he doesnt need votes, coz his tenure cant be extended, and bable about how Congress has spoken, and this is democrasy, and now the leaders, shoulder to shoulder, go to the United Nations, and press for sanctions...which was always okay by him anyway, blah, blah, blah.

Democrasy has bitten two world leaders on the ass this week. Lest they NEVER forget that!
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