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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
You are fast!

Hey, that looked like a zucchini you picked in your other video I clicked on, but you were calling it something else? Have you ever cooked zucchini? It's great sautéed, but don't over cook it, it cooks fast and it will get too soft.

So, those are going to be "mini" pumpkins? They looked yellow, do they turn orange as they ripen?
Ah yes. In England and Europe they call those Courgettes...but in the United States and other places, they call them Zucchini. They are infact one and the same...although you can get a yellow coloured veriaty, which just to make it more difficult, English people DO call the yellow ones Zucchini!

The other difference ive noticed (I work in fruit and veg retail, near the American Base called Menwith Hill in England) is that Aubergines are called something else by Americans. These are big, purple/black above ground tubors which the Americans call "Eggplants"

I cook both Aubergines, and courgettes in the same way...I always roast them (sometimes I steam aubergines though)

The other Growths are indeed Pumpkins...I hope they will grow about five times their current size in the next month and a half. I have NEVER grown Pumpkins of my friends who lives near by was sad by my hatred of Halloween, though she understood my objection, she was sad that I couldnt join in the she suggested that we have our own fun this year on Halloween instead, and pick a seasonal vegetable, Pumpkins, and have a pumpkin growing conpetition, which would bring much joy across the whole year, and then rafle them off and raise money for charity at Halloween.

I said okay...the really bad thing about it is...all her Pumpkin plants died....the birds came and ate all her I WIN so long as I can get one to last until November
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