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Erik Koch vs. Dustin Poirier

Round 1:
Both fighters open southpaw. Poirier gets tagged with a right and drops to the mat, but locks up a triange as Poirier over persues. After a massive struggle, Poirier escapes and is nearly locked in another triangle, but they're back to their feet. Koch and Porier exchange knees in the clinch until Poirier keeps firing right hands standing until a massive one drops Koch hard to the mat. Poirier is trying to finish, but Koch is hanging on for dear life. Poirier sets up a d'arce choke and it's tight, but Koch hangs on.

Round 2:
Straight left connects for Poirier as he walks Koch back into the fence. And another as Koch over extends on a right. Poirier's whizzer in the clinch allows him to trip Koch to the ground. Poirier moves to back mount and then mount before Koch is able to stand. The two clinch against the fence with Poirier doing all the pressuring. Koch is able to hang on, but he's being controlled in every phase of the fight.

Round 3:
Poirier tages Koch with a left and pressures him into the fence. Off an awkward trip, Koch ends up on top close to, but facing opposite the fence. Koch lands two heavy shots on top, but Poirier so far in no trouble. Poirier tries to base out and Koch rolls him to take his back. Koch struggling mightily to get a choke while working a body triangle. The rounds ends there.

Dustin Poirier def. Erik Koch via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

Sheesh, I'm 3 for 8 in the predictions. I blame wavetar. He didn't do the predictions this time so I couldn't copy his picks...

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